Furnitology YouTube Roundup 4/30/2023

Furnitology YouTube Roundup

There’s a lot of woodworking junk on YouTube. Here are the best woodworking YouTube videos from the past week.

Week of April 30 – May 6, 2023

Stop Working. Start Playing.


Restoring a forged plane iron with MASSIVE rust and damage.

Rex Krueger

How to LOSE money building furniture. Don’t be me.

Keith Johnson Customer Woodworking

How to Build an Outdoor Garden Bench / Woodworking Project

Jon Peters – Longview Woodworking

Can this massacred Walnut log produce hidden gems?

Matthew Cremona

Make This Game-Changing Essential Tool for Woodworking

John Heisz – I Build It

7 Tools with SURPRISING features you didn’t know about

Stumpy Nubs

Faster method ENDS most sanding and sandpaper

Stumpy Nubs

Workshop Geometry: How to Draw a Parallel Line

Woodworkers Institute

My Nicest Piece Yet || Mid-century Modern Desk Build

Bourbon Moth Woodworking

Make This: Kerfmaker Style Stop Blocks for Half Lap Joints

Jay Bates

99% Don’t Know They’re Using Dust Extractors Wrong

731 Woodworks

Building a Wood Knock Down Display Stand | Fast Woodworking Project

Newton Makes

The Oliver Pattern Makers Vise is BACK!

Andy Rawls

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