Dust Collection Ports and Fittings

By Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Upgrade your dust collection system with these innovative dust collection fittings and hoses. Whether you’re setting up a complete dust collection system or just looking for a specific fitting, these hoses and fittings will improve the dust collection in your woodworking shop.

Fittings to Solve Problems

Let’s start with making it easier to connect your dust collector hose to your tools. Most shops either run dedicated lines to each tool or they have one main hose that gets moved from tool to tool, and that means loosening and tightening a hose clamp each time.

Installing Dust Right Quick Change Handles to the end of your collection hose and a Dust Right Tool Port to each tool makes it easy to connect and disconnect your dust hose to any tool. They’re available in both 4″ and 2-1/2″ sizes. You can also attach the 4” handle to a number of handy vacuum accessories, such as a floor sweep or bench nozzle.

These handles also feature this airflow adjustment valve that slides to adjust the suction power depending on the application. For example, if you’re moving from using the dust collector with a table saw that requires a lot of air draw to a sander that doesn’t require as much air draw you can open the valve and reduce the suction.

At first glance the Rockler Mountable Dust Couplers may not seem very interesting, but these couplers allow you to create hose attachment locations wherever you need them in your shop. For example, let’s say your table saw port is tucked under an outfeed table or faces down under the saw. Instead of crawling under the table or saw to connect your hose, you simply attach one of these couplers to a wall or bench location that’s much easier to access. Or use the 2-1/2 to 4” coupler to create a transition so that it’s easy to make a secure connection from your 4” hose to smaller tool ports. Once you start thinking about it, you’re likely to come up with a lot of creative applications that will make your shop more efficient.

Stop, put down the duct tape—there’s a better way. Fast, flexible and free of sticky residue, our Stacking Dust Ports let you connect hoses up to 4” in diameter to tool ports as small as 1-1/4”, plus a wide range of sizes in between. Both ends of each adapter are clearly inscribed with the compatible hose/fitting or the outside diameter. Use singly, or combine sets of two in five different ways for broad compatibility you won’t find anywhere else. When not needed, stack ’em all up for convenient, compact storage.

Learn how you can maximize air flow to the tool you’re using with StableGate blast gates.

Hoses to Facilitate Flow

Rockler 4″ diameter dust hose options

Clear Flexible Hose
The Clear Flexible Dust Collection hose is ideal for any work shop. The extreme flexibility allows you to easily position the dust collection hose exactly where you want it.

4” Dia. Dust Right® Hose
Incredibly stretchy 4” dust hose reaches to the far corners of your work space, then collapses into a compact stack for storage.

Dust Right® 4” Anti-Static Dust Hose
Anti-static material dissipates static, helping to prevent painful shocks.

Rockler FlexForm™ Dust Collection Hose – 4” Diameter
Twists, bends, expands, and collapses to desired shape.

One of the challenges with small tool ports is that they come in many sizes and shapes. Finding a hose or fitting that connects properly to a small tool port can be frustrating. I’m sure most of us have resorted to the old trick of wrapping the connection with a lot of tape – it’s not ideal.

The Dust Right FlexiPort Hose Kits feature a hose and a compatible set of interchangeable flexible ports. They’re available in two kits. The FlexiPort extendible dust hose stretches from 3 to 12 feet, making it perfect for benchtop work, compact storage and portability. The FlexiPort 12’Fixed-Length Hose Kit works well for stationary work stations that benefit from a more ridged fixed length hose.

Both versions are an upgrade from standard shop vac hoses.

Dust Collection Accessories

Our Dust Right® Router Table Dust Bucket works in tandem with the included 4” and 2-1/2” ports to capture routing debris from both above and below the table. Enjoy maximum dust collection while routing rabbets, dados, dovetails and more. The bucket features a smooth-swinging door with a magnetic catch for for easy access to the router, anti-vibration pads, a sturdy metal cord retainer with a pivoting hatch, and an adjustable vent to prevent boards from suctioning to the table. The bucket is easy to assemble, and the mounting tabs can be attached to any side for the most convenient fit with your router table. Fits most routers, including large plunge routers.

The Dust Right® Lathe Dust Collection System catches dust at the source. The centerpiece of the system is our proprietary C-shaped ”dust scoop,” which wraps around spindle turnings to catch dust right at the source. Add to that a highly adjustable solid steel boom arm support system and a flex-form hose to connect to your dust collection system, and you have an all-in-one package that will dramatically reduce the amount of dust in the air and on the floors of your shop. The boom arm assembly can be easily slid along the bed of your lathe to collect dust wherever you are cutting, and is height adjustable within a 15” range. It can also be adjusted in and out along the slot in the plate, and pivoted at three points to provide an incredible variety of positioning options.

Paired with a hose of sufficient length, our Dust Right® Shop Vacuum Hose Reel brings the benefit of a central vacuum cleaner to your shop. Rather than dragging along a clunky shop vacuum that’s constantly tipping or getting caught on obstacles, you simply leave the vacuum against the wall and reel out up to 40′ of hose, enough to easily span a 2-car garage. As opposed to a vacuum, hoses easily snake around corners and through narrow spaces. They are lightweight and comfortable to handle. Using a stationary vac with a long hose also lets you integrate a dust separator into your system without having to pull the additional bulk around. When you’re finished cleaning, just reel up the hose with the integral crank.

Our multi-purpose Cord and Hose Hook keeps cords and hoses neatly organized and off the floor, resulting in less wear-and-tear on them, and a safer work environment for you. In one sturdy bracket, you get a total of four support hooks: one large hook at the bottom for a 4” dust hose, a medium-sized hook in the middle, generously dimensioned for several air hoses, and two smaller hooks, each capable of accommodating up to two power cords or extension cords. Purchase as many as you need to supply power and dust collection to all the tools in your shop. The Hose Hook can also be used alone for quickly suspending power cords or dust hoses at a temporary workstation—simply hang the hook from a nail and the cords and hoses from the hook. In this way, you can work in the middle of your shop without having to continually fight with the hoses.

Here’s a cool new accessory for router table owners. If you’ve ever cut a dado on your router table than you know the jet stream of saw dust that shoots out of the dado. It’s got nowhere else to go. So our brilliant design team came up with the Dust Right Router Table Dado Dust Chute! It’s a new innovation from that’s already won awards.

This clever device attaches to the side of your router table to captures the blast of saw dust before it ever hits the floor. The adjustable bristle backstop is raised just above the table to stop the dust as it shoots over the edge, but the bristles bend easily out of the way as you slide your workpiece across the table. Once installed, you can leave it in place, since the integral blast gate lets you close it off when not needed, and the bristles can be easily lowered if necessary.

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  1. Does anyone actually have this set up? It all looks awesome, but pricey. My shop vac just bit the dust, I’m modifying the remains with a leaf blower motor 😬. That being said, I need some kind of affordable air cleaning system for dust.