Furnitology YouTube Roundup 12/31/23

Furnitology YouTube Roundup

There’s a lot of woodworking junk on YouTube. Here are the best woodworking YouTube videos from the past week.

Week of December 31 – January 6, 2023

Hand Tool Woodworking | Why Can’t I Saw a Straight Line?

Rob Cosman

ENOUGH French Cleats!!! Make THIS Instead

Timber Biscuit Woodworks

Cabinet Drawers Made Easy || Build Furniture the Easy Way

Bourbon Moth Woodworking

Designing a Dream Vacation Rental: Bathroom Vanity

Make Something

DON’T GET SCREWED!!! Get the best deals on vintage handplanes.

Rex Krueger

Simple. Effective. But how strong?


$1,000,000 Shop Tour

Coffey Custom Builds

Build a Modern Sideboard / Walnut Buffet

Jon Peters – Longview Woodworking

Pay Attention to the Shape of the Hand Plane Shaving


2023 Long Term Glue Test Results

Wood by Wright

2023 Long Term Glue Test Results

Wood by Wright

Two Giant Solid Sliding Barn Doors // A Huge Project!

Range Woodworking

99% of Beginners Need These 5 Woodworking Jigs!

731 Woodworks

Workshop Geometry: Draw a Square

Woodworkers Institute

DO NOT follow these woodworking hacks


Modern Table, Ancient Woodworking Technique

Jonny Builds

Slab Drying and Shipping

Matthew Cremona

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