Morley Stool






The Morley Stool is a sleek and modern-designed stool that can be used for lots of purposes. Whether you give it to your kids, use it in the shop or even as an ottoman, it will not disappoint.

I designed this stool to not only be functional and look good but for the building process itself to be fun and jam-packed full of woodworking techniques. It may be small in stature but there is a lot of great woodworking stuffed into this tiny stool. The Morley Stool features elements such as ripped and flipped panels, wedged mortise and tenon joinery, dadoed slats, and handmade edge profiles.

This class is created for upper beginners to intermediate woodworkers as there are some beginner techniques that we skip over. In this course you will learn about grain direction, wood selection, rip-and-flip panel making, using templates, flush trimming, wedged mortise and tenon joinery, shaping, and creating edge profiles by hand.

Thank you so much for joining me for this class. Let’s get started.


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