Time to vote! Furnitology Build Challenge

Furnitology Build Challenge

It’s time to bring a close to the inaugural Furnitology Build Challenge. Now it’s up to you to cast your vote to crown our first build challenge champion—first, a quick recap.

The objective of the April build challenge was to build a box with a lid. Those were the only requirements. After that, makers had the creative freedom to decide on size, purpose, finish, how the lid is attached, etc.

We originally had ten makers from the Furnitology community, but as with many things, life happens. Many people said they wanted to enter or did enter and were too busy with jobs, family commitments, travel, kiddo activities, etc., to get it done. That is 100% understandable, so we’ll do a build challenge every two months going forward. Keep an eye out for the June build challenge in the coming week. I will do my best to pull it together to allow as much time as possible for the build.

While I’m not eligible, I’d want to participate in the build. It is the first one, after all. Below is my creative spin on the first box in @mekwoodworks book Build Better Boxes. I used western red cedar and black walnut for this build. Double rabbet joinery was used for the box structure, and the lid and bottom slot into a single rabbet. Finally, I tied it together with brass rod accents, a shallow groove in the lid to add texture, and a brass piano knob from Rockler. All in all, it was a fun, quick build!

Alright, the moment of truth. Let’s see the build challenge submissions and crown a champion. Then, be sure to cast your vote at the bottom of this post.

Box A

Submitted by: Squirrely Dragon Designs

Here’s what Mike has to say about his build.

This was a fun project. Frustrating but very educational. The piece has mahogany from an 100 year old dresser top, white oak, some walnut , birds eye maple, and hard maple. The splines were a learning experience as was having sides and bottom mitred.
 All in all good fun.

Box B

Submitted by: mrstampe

Here’s what Mark had to say about his build.

This is a curly cherry and African mahogany keepsake box with partially inset lid and hand-shaped handle, finished with Maloof Poly/Oil. The top and short-side dimensions were laid out in the golden ratio.

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