The Wood Whisperer – Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest – Megan Fitzpatrick


Aside from a workbench, a sturdy tool chest is one of the most important things to have in your shop. It organizes and protects your tools from damage, rust and loss. While many woodworkers have attempted to improve upon the traditional chest design that emerged 300 years ago, the old form has remained the absolute best way to keep the most tools in the smallest space. This “traveling” version has two tool trays, and will fit into the back of a car or truck (14-1/2” high, 19-1/2” front to back, 39-1/2” long), or rest on saw benches in your shop to hold your tools at a comfortable working height. And it holds most of the hand tools you need to build just about any type of furniture. Plus, you’ll be darn good at dovetails by the time you’re done!

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