What Happens When You Give A Carpenter A 3D Printer?

Short answer: good things happen! This is literally a game changer for someone who can use it as a tool for designing and testing projects.
The printer I settled on was from #bambulab the P1P model and I’ve been using it every day for the last month, sometimes 5 times per day!
To use it to it’s full potential I’ve also been learning FreeCad. Powerful FREE software, but a steep learning curve.
I won’t be posting videos on 3d printing on this channel, but my projects may include 3d printed parts and will also be putting the stl files for some finished projects (like the sanding blocks shown in this video) on my Patreon and Locals for supporters.
Oh and the strength test for the handscrew clamp – it was surprisingly strong! It crushed that full can of beans (try doing that with your bare hands, for example) before the glue broke on the handles. So it’s pretty strong and could be a lot stronger with a bigger leadscrew. The spline down the centre of the leadscrew can be made from solid hardwood or even aluminum or steel, and that would make it many times stronger.