How to build a dining table that will last forever.

How to build a dining table that’s heavy AF. There’s no getting around it…this was a heavy fu*kin table. The tabletop itself for this white oak monster was built offsite because, well, my shop is too small and this thing was flipping huge. Huge thanks to True Trade Carpentry for the temporary shop space and the muscle! And I wouldn’t have been able to move it by myself anyway due to its odd shape…we even used a forklift to load it into my truck on delivery day. It was a challenge at every turn to move this thing around. And the table base…well, that was no slouch either, it had a ton of glue-ups, weighed in at 140 lbs and was quite awkward to maneuver. But in the end, it was all worth it. The table, although simplistic in its design, fits the space perfectly and should be enjoyed for many years to come. I just hope they don’t move anytime soon!