Don’t make THIS mistake with your furniture business. #liveedgetable

Never EVER buy materials for a commission without a deposit or a payment in full upfront. I dropped almost $1500 on a pair of 1-½” thick 12-foot long Ambrosia Maple Slabs and the client rejected the quote. To be fair, I have only myself to blame. I already had a signed quote on a matching maple slab conference table and and I knew this client was in a rush for these pieces, so in the interest of time, I had my slab supplier start processing the material (clip of belt sanding) and prep it for pickup. BUT, the client got the quote and was more than they wanted to spend, so I had to make some major price concessions so I didn’t lose all my money. Now, if it was walnut or white oak, and not ambrosia maple, then those are materials I use all the time and could just go into inventory…but 2 ambrosia maple slabs?!? I mean, what the heck would I do with those?!? LOL.