Bending Wood into Impossible Shapes

Pedulla Studio - Bending Wood into Impossible Shapes

This Bed is made from Walnut and is designed to suit a queen sized mattress. The intention behind the headboard design was to create a ‘blank canvas’ where I could add in a unique element that would really set this bed a part from anything else I had seen and the multiple iterations is proof that this headboard was truly a blank canvas for different ideas to occur.
To be honest I think headboard idea no.2 is actually my favourite as it is subdued and probably more appropriate for the bedroom, which is a place to relax but, design number 3, although somewhat intense, does represent a new technique for me, not the steam bending but the method of using multiple strips of wood to create flowing curves. Once again this has been inspired by one of my favourite furniture designers Joseph Walsh.
Now you may think that the thin strips of wood from design no.3 are fragile, but due to the intense curves, this structure is under enough tension and has enough support from its adjacent curve to have more than enough rigidity.
One thing I didn’t make clear in this video is that the original client and I had discussed a ball park estimate for the bed before I began designing, now granted my quote came in at the higher end of the estimate, this number still shouldn’t have come at a surprise. Also the details to the headboard where added for me, these were not part of the original design for the client.