A New Type of Dovetail

Pedulla Studio - A new tyipe of dovetail. Workbench build.

This Roubo Workbench is one of the most complex pieces Ive ever made and by no means was that intentional. I though it would be done in a matter of weeks yet it took two and a half months of non stop construction. Not to mention the amount of time planning and editing. But all the features turned out as I’d hoped if not better.
This bench takes full advantage of the standard tail vise and leg vise but also incorporates a moxon vise, shoulder vice and pattern makers vise, as well as a pop up gap stop and a hidden wheel system which isn’t common on a bench like this.
Even though this workbench is quite over the top, as mentioned in the video this bench was an exploration of ideas as well as an enjoyable process in which I’ll always remember. Shop furniture doesn’t always have to be quick and to the point, it can also be an experience.
One of my main objectives with this bench is to hopefully trigger ideas within yourself to maybe incorporate into your own workflow .