Timber Biscuit Woodworks

Timber Biscuit Woodwork using PantoRouter

I’m Shane. I design & build modern furniture & woodworking projects. Woodworking tips, tricks, plans, & how-tos!

Woodworking is my passion. I enjoy the hands-on approach that working with wood brings to the design world. I draw inspiration from many places, and I try my best to make elegant solutions to fill my needs. I am always learning to be a better craftsman and woodworker. This channel is designed to share my experiences and inspire others to join the craft.

I know that people are at different levels on their woodworking journey, so I try to tailor my content to help inspire both beginner and advanced woodworkers. I hope to create a community of individuals who support makers and allow them to invest in themselves.

I hope you enjoy the content I share and that it gives you the confidence to go out and build something!

Woodworking, tips, and how-to videos.

For business inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]